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The tvlabs CLI is a command-line tool to interact with the TV Labs platform. It provides a simple and secure way for developers and support teams to access devices within our fleet for development and troubleshooting as well as integration with CI/CD workflows.

Supported Platforms

The CLI currently supports the following platforms:

  • Tizen
  • webOS
  • Android TV
  • Fire TV
  • Google TV
  • Roku


To install the TV Labs CLI, use the following command:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

To update to the most recent version, use the same command. Verify your version with:

tvlabs --version

Note: Currently, only macOS and Linux are supported. Windows support is experimental.


Go to to create a new API key:

cli-api-key Figure 1: Creating an API key. You can give the key any name.

 cli-api-key-list Figure 2: List of API keys.

To authenticate with the TV Labs platform, use the auth command followed by the just created API key:

tvlabs auth tv-XyODphpNhwdAphR6rIKINxLXVWGi_dby5rRHWWahDz6

Note: Treat your API key as a password. Always keep it secure.